Patterns for beginners to experts

With detailed instructions for all techniques and patterns, any crocheter can begin crafting animals. Amigurumi tips let all skill levels create wildlife inspired crochet art.

Technique and assemby illustrations

Every pattern is broken down into its individual pieces, from ears to noses to feet. Pictures guide the way through all the necessary basic and complex techniques.

Design your own animals

The detailed patterns are a starting point for creativity. With many suggestions for customization and tips to adjust animal’s shapes, it is easy to create any animal, real or imaginary.

“Well thought out, well laid out

and leaving some of the steps

to our own imagination of self creation

of potentially something else.”

“The patterns included in the book

walk the line perfectly between

wildlife-realism and kawaii cuteness.”

More than a pattern book

With illustrated techniques and tutorials, The Crochet Wildlife Guide is more than a book of patterns.

Free videos

View the online videos for quick and clear directions on basic and more advanced techniques.

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